Who would think a gas station could bring a smile to the faces of Texans and road-trippers alike? And soon, it may bring awe and joy to Wisconsinites and people passing through.

But what exactly is Buc-ees, and why is it such a big deal?

Well, for starters, it's pronounced like "Bucky's" and it's not just a gas station. It's a way of life. Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, it's more than just a place to fill up your tank. Buc-ees is an experience.

Bucees via Instagram
Bucees via Instagram

First off, let's talk about the size of these things. The flagship location in New Braunfels spans over 67,000 square feet of space and boasts 120 fueling positions. That's more than your average Target or Costco. And it's all dedicated to satisfying your cravings for snacks, drinks, and souvenirs.

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Buc-ees is known for having the cleanest bathrooms in America, and they're not joking around. These things are like palaces. I'm talking marble countertops, more than enough stalls to make even the busiest of rest stops jealous, and enough space for chandeliers if they wanted.  In fact, GasBuddy recognized Buc-ees for the restrooms' cleanliness and size.

@usplusabus RIP that toilet though 💩 what would you get if you went to Buc-ee’s? #bucees #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound - Family Bus Life ↟Us Plus a Bus

If you're hungry Buc-ees will blow your mind with not only its array of snacks and souvenirs, there's enough to make your head spin. You can't even grasp a mental image of the number of snacks and freshly made food inside the Taj Mahal of gas stations. Keep in mind, this is like Costco and a gas station had a baby, a very-very large baby.


You Haven't Lived Til You've Tried Buc-ees Beaver Nuggets

What are beaver nuggets, you ask? Only the most addictive snack you'll ever eat. They're like if a Cheeto and a cookie had a love child, and that child was dusted with caramel goodness. Trust me, you need to try them.

But the best part about Buc-ees? It's a destination. People will actually plan road trips around visiting Buc-ees locations. I mean, who needs a theme park when you've got a gas station with a beaver mascot? And let's be real, it's a lot cheaper too.

Bucees via Instagram
Bucees via Instagram

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New reports are saying a Buc-ees might be in DeForest, Wisconsin's near future, according to NBC Chicago.

The proposed travel center would include a 73,000-square-footbuilding, 120 fueling stations under two large canopies and a total of 613 parking spaces, with 20 specifically for electric vehicle charging.

If this comes to fruition, do yourself a favor and stop. Even if you just need to use the bathroom, it'll be worth it. And who knows, maybe you'll fall in love with those beaver nuggets and end up planning your next road trip around hitting every Buc-ees location for a run cross-country road trip. It wouldn't be the craziest thing we've heard of.

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