David McNew; Getty Images[/caption]Are you ready for the "Awww Moment" of the day?

Brookfield Zoo'd baby snow leopards make their first close up since their birth, June 16th.


Aren't they cute? I just want to hold them and cuddle them and love on them.

KTLA reports that the twin snow leopards born on June 16th, have been "bonding with their mother in a behind-the-scenes den since their birth." Soon though, Brookfield Zoo officials say, they will be making their public debut.

"According to The Chicago Zoological Society, which manages Brookfield Zoo, the baby snow leopards will be allowed public viewing mid-October."

Awww... They are just too cute. I want to go see them in October. Don't you?  Now that would make a fun family day.

For more information about the Brookfield Zoo click here.