With the cooler fall weather, you know what that means? It's finally boot wearing season!

Since boots tall and short are in this fall here are some boot hacks that every girl needs to know.

I love my flip-flops but wearing boots are the next best thing. However there are few things we girls need to know about when wearing our boots. Especially if you just bought a new pair.

Country Outfitters has six boot hacks for us to follow:

1. Spray deodorant on your feet before you put your boots on.
This will prevent the dreaded stinky feet or boot smell. nothing worse than that.

2. Tape your toes.
Sounds weird, but if you wear pointy or snip toed boots taping your third and fourth toe together will prevent strain on the nerves under your feet from getting pinched.

3. Stretch your boots with ice.
If you want to keep your toes from being pinched and have a little more wiggle room all you have to do is you can fill plastic bags with water (make sure they are sealed!) and slip into the toe of the boot. Place in freezer. The frozen water expands and stretches the boot.

4. Purchase foot pedals or insoles.
Ive done that. I bought some insoles to help in providing more cushioning on my feet. Nothing worse than having sore and hurting feet .

5. Sandpaper the soles.
To prevent slipping in falling in your brand new boots you can rough up the bottoms with sandpaper. I've always heard to walk in some gravel to scruff up the bottoms for traction too.

6. Tea bags are your friends.
Also, to keep odor out of your boots, save a few used tea bags. Let the tea bags dry then toss them into your boots when your not wearing them. You can also put a sachet of coffee grounds in your boots as well to keep odor away. Nothing grosser than than stinky feet smells in your boots or worse yet permeating your closet.