One thing every new parent learns real quick is babies are WAY more expensive than everyone warned you about.

One major thing I was totally unprepared for was the amount of diapers a newborn goes through in a day. Thankfully my family had the means and support to keep our new little one diapered, but sadly, many local families struggle to do the same.

The two keys to keeping a baby happy and content are feeding it, and making sure their diaper is dry. There are government programs to help underprivileged families feed their babies, but there are no assistance programs for important ( and costly) necessities like diapers, wipes and baby wash.

Thankfully there is a woman in Boone County named Anna Pivoras who has made it her mission to keep the bottoms of babes in the Stateline clean and dry.

Earlier this year she started a nonprofit called The Baby Bank  which provides free diapers, diaper rash cream, baby wipes, baby wash and other baby-related items to low-income families. Obviously, this organization runs completely on donations and volunteers, and it needs our help to be able to expand its services outside of Boone County.

When we spoke to Anna Pivoras this morning she told us that The Baby Bank desperately needs volunteers to help with supply distribution on Thursdays, and of course they always need more donations of supplies and/or money.

If you would like to donate, volunteer, or find out about receiving assistance from The Baby Bank, check them out on Facebook or call 815-901-4966.

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