A fascinating piece of Illinois history was recently discovered within the walls of the BMO Center in Rockford, and now the whole city is wondering, "What's inside the box?".

Time Capsule Found Inside Rockford's BMO Center?

Rockford, Illinois' BMO Center has been receiving many upgrades and renovations over the last few years, and the latest construction project revealed something amazing hiding within the BMO's walls...

Ok, so we know that this box was placed at this site in Rockford in 1976, but what was standing there at that time? I know that Rockford's Metro Center held its first official event in 1981 and that construction had already begun in 1979, but what was there in 1976? Was the time capsule originally placed somewhere else in Rockford and then moved to its current location when construction on the new Metro Center began?

What Lies Inside Rockford's Time Capsule?

A man named Doug Logan left this comment on the BMO Center's post, and now I am REALLY dying to know what lies within the time capsule!

We carefully prepared the contents of this “message in a bottle” ( respect to Sting ). I will dutifully keep the details of' the assemblage confidential, as I pledged to do nearly 44 years ago. This is part of the heritage of this wonderful city and I am thrilled the vessel is being treated with reverence. See you in 2076!

BMO Center via Facebook, Canva
BMO Center via Facebook, Canva

I tried looking for more information about the events that took place during Winnebago County's Bicentennial Celebration that could provide some insight into what may lie within this time capsule, but all I could really find was info and an eBay listing for a special Winnebago County Bicentennial Commission Medal that was created for the occasion.


Did you live in Winnebago County in 1976 when this Bicentennial celebration took place? What do YOU think is in the capsule?!? Send us an app message and share your thoughts! PLEASE. I cannot handle not knowing what's in the box!

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