Do you recognize this cemetery? It is considered by many here in the Stateline to be one of the most haunted places in all of Illinois

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This is one place that I have visited that creeps me out. Ghost reports that it is considered to be one of the hot beds for paranormal energy in Illinois. It has been reported as actively haunted with ghostly sights and strange activity that simply cannot be explained. The local myths detail ghost sightings include that of disembodied figures that appear to be that of a stench infested witch who is so disgustingly morbid to look at for more than a second or you will lose your lunch at the very sight of her to various restless corpses that were not given the proper burial that every human being has a right to expect, but instead were hung haphazardly by the neck without the least bit of mercy.

Phantom vehicles from big rigs and old school buses to vintage pick-up trucks are known to travel Blood Points Road all hours of the night. The railroad bridge is forever etched with memories of screaming children fighting for their lives after their school bus mysteriously crashed.

Researchers and investigators have joined forces and created the Bloods Point Restoration Project.

There are number of other haunted places right here in the Stateline. If you need a good haunt, check out some of the other haunted hotspots according to


314 N Main St, Rockford

630 E State St, Rockford

411 Kent St, Rockford

5050 E State St, Rockford

Corner of Pearl and Blood Point roads in Belvidere

201 N 3rd St #236, Oregon,

2909 Kellogg Ave, Janesville

1101 1ST Ctr Ave Brodhead, WI

1725 N. Washington Street, Janesville, WI




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