Boo! The list of the most haunted houses in Illinois has been released and four Stateline area towns have made the list.

Mysterious Heartland has compiled a list of the Top 10 most haunted houses in Illinois and their locations. So, where are the creepiest homes and mansions in in the Stateline?

8. The Emma Jones Home in Rockford

According to Mysterious Heartland, This home belonged to Emma Pauling Jones. The home was built in 1856. Emma's Husband died, he continued to live in the home with her dogs. After the dogs passed away, she eventually became lonely and demented. She spent her final years sitting in a rocking chair waiting for loved ones who would not be returning. Emma died in 1964. In her afterlife she reportedly returned to the home. Current occupants of the home report hearing strange noises along with moving furniture. Some report seeing an elderly woman in the attic windows (ghost).

5. Nellie Dunton Home in Belvidere: This house overlooks the Kishwaukee river and is haunted by a broken-hearted woman Nellie who grew up in Belvidere. Prior to the Civil War she fell in love with an older man, who promised to marry her after the war. However, he  he failed to return. Nellie, refused to fall in love again, so she spent the rest of her life in this Belvidere house. Sadly, she wandered into the Kishwaukee river and drowned. It is rumored that she was wearing old wedding dress. Neighbors and residents of the house have reportedly seen her ghost.

4. Guiteau Home in Freeport: This house is known as the "Saltbox Place". The house is rumored to be the childhood home of Charles Guiteau, President Garfield's Assassin. Individuals living in the home after Guiteau was executed report the presence of a dark presence and the smell of sulfur.

3. Willow Creek Farm in Shannon: This home goes back to 1838. Residents report as many as seven ghosts inhabit this house. Locals call Willow Creek Farm one of the most active haunted sites in Illinois.

Please note, we have NOT listed the exact street addresses of these haunted houses, If you decide to seek out these houses, please keep in mind most of the houses are private residences, so respect the privacy of the home owner.

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The author, Michael Kleen also has an awesome book called Haunting Illinois that you can purchase from Amazon.