Oh boy, Tampa Bay does it again.

They kicked Blackhawk fans out of Game One for the Stanely Cup Finals.

If it wasn't bad enough of their setting those strict ticket policies to keep Chicago Blackhawk fans away from Amalie Arena for the Stanley Cup games, now this is even worse.

Apparently, according to Let's Go Blackhawks, several Blackhawk fans were asked to leave for cheering too loudly for the visiting team in the Amalie Arena. The police told one couple that if they didn't leave they would arrest them.

Other Hawk fans that weren’t kicked out, were yelled at and they were told they couldn’t cheer or be as excited as they were.

Wow! Really!??This is so absurd. It's taking poor sportsmanship to a whole 'nother  level.

All I have to say is good job Tampa, good job.

Good Grief.