A battle as old as time. One great shopping day versus the other. Black Friday has been around for a long time while Cyber Monday is a concept that's newer to the holiday season.  Here are some stats to help you pick your favorite shopping day of the year according to Blackfriday.com -

  • Consumers will spend an average of $57 more on Black Friday than on Cyber Monday this year.
  • Black Friday continues to move online, with 68% of those shopping on that day saying they’ll do most of their shopping online.
  • Clothing and tech are the most popular categories for deal-hunters on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Nearly a third of holiday shoppers (31%) say they’ll do most of their shopping on Black Friday, while 22% say they’ll do most of their shopping on Cyber Monday.
  • Amazon is the top retailer for deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shoppers say.
Credit Blackfriday.com
Credit Blackfriday.com
Credit Blackfriday.com

For both days, men are the most likely to spend big. They’re 10% more likely than women to spend $1,200+ on Black Friday and 6% more likely to spend $1,200+ on Cyber Monday.

H/T Blackfriday.com

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