Black Friday will soon be here. Are you ready? Ready, set, shop, fight!

It seems to me more common nowadays as every year we hear about fights between intense shoppers looking for that elusive Black Friday bargain.

Do you recall just two years ago when this fight occurred in a Wal-Mart store? It was so intense the cops had be called in.

Of course, everyone wants a deal, but is it worth getting a fight? Depending on what state you live in, you have a much better chance of getting in Black Friday fight than others.

The Estately Blog researched the states where shoppers are most likely to get into a tussle over that bargain priced big screen TV. So, what states are people are most likely to violently attacking each other? The methodology Estately used was:

  1. Facebook users expressing interest in Black Friday sales — (source: Facebook user data)

  2. Frequency of aggravated assaults (attempts to cause seriously bodily injury purposely) — (source: FBI Uniform Crime Reports—2014)

Here are the Top 10 Most Dangerous states to shop in on Black Friday

  1. Arkansas
  2. Tennessee
  3. Alabama
  4. Louisiana
  5. Missouri
  6. West Virginia
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Indiana
  9. Kansas
  10. South Carolina

Illinois ranked at #23, while Wisconsin placed at #28 (slightly safer than Illinois).

The safest state is Massachusetts . The darker the color of the state on the map, the more likely you are to be assaulted when shopping.

Black Friday Fights ranked by State
Source: Estately blog

So, if you want a 100% chance of being safe, shop on-line!


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