Over the weekend, the residents of Madison, Wisconsin were greeted by an uninvited guest – a black bear! While the animal has been sighted in different parts of the city, it seems that the bear has now decided to make itself at home in the backyard of a house on Manor Green Drive.

Madison Police Department via Facebook
Madison Police Department via Facebook

Bear-ing Witness to the Madness

Rachel Garcia, who lives across the street from the backyard, came after returning home from shopping to find a concerning amount of police activity, according to Anna Hanson of the Wisconsin State Journal.

We were actually worried that maybe something had happened to one of our neighbors.

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The Agility of the Beast

Chris Juzwik, who lives on Richmond Drive, had an even closer encounter with the bear when he saw it climbing his neighbor’s fence around 1:45 p.m. He quickly drove around the neighborhood, warning anyone outside about the bear, only to be surprised by the animal’s agility.

I didn’t have any idea that they moved that fast. I can’t say that I wasn’t a little afraid.

Madison Police Department via Facebook
Madison Police Department via Facebook

Bear Safety: A Matter of Concern

While the presence of a bear in the city may seem amusing to some, officials are taking the situation seriously. Madison police have been in contact with the state Department of Natural Resources and USDA Wildlife Services, who could sedate the bear, but only as a last resort. In the meantime, the police have requested that people avoid the bear, bringing outdoor pets or food inside.

Bear-y Hungry

According to Madison Police Department, the bear was acting appropriately and displayed a fear of people. He has also reminded people that bears come out of hibernation very hungry, so it’s important to avoid attracting them with food.

Madison Police Department via Facebook
Madison Police Department via Facebook

Are Bear Sightings A Growing Trend In Wisconsin?

Interestingly, this isn't the first time a bear has been spotted in the area. A similar incident occurred in Mount Horeb a few days ago, when a Ring camera caught a black bear walking in the 300 block of North Eighth Street. It's not clear if it's the same bear, but it seems that sightings of these furry creatures are becoming more common in Wisconsin. Perhaps they just can't resist the cheese?

As for the bear in Madison, only time will tell when it decides to leave the city and head back to its natural habitat. Until then, residents will have to bear with the occasional visit from their new neighbor.

Wisconsin officials believe the bear has scampered off elsewhere.

[h/t Wisconsin State Journal]

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