During the COVID-19 pandemic, Illinois foodies watched in disappointment as a local staple transformed from a beloved "must visit" family drive-in restaurant into a slots spot.

It was sad to see Bing's, a classic drive-in diner, shutter Bing's close in 2020, after 68 years of fond memories of a delicious dining experience.

During the summer of 2021, we would learn the restaurant would be sold to Benny and Rosalie Salamone, owners of Salamone’s Italian Restaurant in Cherry Valley, and would eventually be rebuilt into Betsy's Slots.

Google Street View
Google Street View

There was (is?) hope the year-round space would incorporate the idea of offering Salamone’s pizza and Bing’s burgers on the menu but mum's the word on that since 2021.

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The hope for the return of mouthwatering burgers from Bing's isn't over yet because the iconic Northern Illinois drive-in diner served up a big announcement.

The return of Bing's is imminent but with a twist, a food truck.

Bings Drive-In via Facebook
Bings Drive-In via Facebook

On Monday, July 17, 2023, an official Bing's Drive-In fan page appeared on Facebook and, just two days later, this message appeared.

Hello!!! We are back with a food truck!!

Yes, you read that correctly and it's just slapping the Bing's logo on a food truck. There's much more to it, like your favorite menu items.

When Will Bing's Food Truck Debut?

We are using the same recipes from 1952 that our grandparents used! We will have some of your favorite menu items!

Those delicious items include Bing's hand-chopped coleslaw, chili dogs, and ... my persona fave... their BBQ sandwich (sloppy joe)

We will have burgers at times, which will include the Tomato Burger!!! Also, give the Italian Beef a try it's a delicious sandwich that comes with peppers onions, and mozzarella cheese!!

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The timeframe for when to expect Bing's Drive-In's food truck isn't exact but the owners are hoping for its debut to happen at Boone County Fair, which is August 8-13th in Belvidere, Illinois.

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