We couldn't be more excited to have Rockford represented at the Oscars this Sunday, especially now that we know a handful of Rockfordians will be in attendance.

All of Rockford's eyes will be on Bing Liu this weekend as he makes the trip to Hollywood to (hopefully) accept an Oscar for best Documentary Feature.

'Minding the Gap,' is up against four other documentaries, but 'Gap' was filmed here in Rockford so obviously it should win.

Bing is the brains behind the movie, but he's not the other Rockfordian who will be at the awards.

The men in front of the camera will be walking the red carpet as well, ABC 7 Chicago is reporting that Keire Johnson is really excited to be making the trip.

ABC interviewed him about getting ready for the event and Kiere said:

I think the last time I wore a suit when I was really little, going to church with my mom, I wonder if, as a handsome adult, if that tux will make me look more handsome!'

Another star of the documentary, Zack Mulligan is expected to be there as well.

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