In the late 90's I worked at K's Merchandise in Rockford, and hated the name "Big Mouth Billy Bass".

Don't get me wrong, I thought the fish on a plague was cute and funny the first time I heard it, but by the 50th time I heard it sing "Don't Worry Be Happy" I wanted to rip it's extending head off.

Will I feel the same about the fintastic fish in 2018? Most likely, but the fact that Billy's back with a whole new set of tricks does intrigue me.

According to;

the must-have gadget of the holiday season is finally here, the latest in cutting-edge fintech: an Alexa-enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass, which is now available to preorder for $40.

Yep, you read that right.  Big Mouth Billy Bass it back, and this time he can do a whole lot more than sing annoying songs. He can answer questions for you, set timers, turn on your lights and even your favorite television long as you have him hooked up to an existing Amazon Echo device.

If you're thinking this is the perfect gift for the fish lover in your life, but the fact that you have to preorder it bums you out, don't worry be happy, friends...Billy Bass will be released on December 1 and will arrive at your doorstep in plenty of time for Christmas!

Preorder Big Mouth Billy Bass right now on Amazon by clicking here.

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