Another day, another scammer trying to steal our stuff, and this one is hitting a little too close to home.

According to, the Elmhurst Police Department is reporting a new scam involving a woman posing as a water department worker needing to gain access into your home to for an inspection. If you're thinking "this sounds fishy", you're right. DO NOT LET HER IN!

WGN TV reports;

In both cases police say a female suspect gains enter into the home by posing as a city water employee. One victim said one suspects carried a clipboard and some sort of Elmhurst badge.

The suspect then got the homeowners to allow access to the basement where she looks at water, sinks and the water heater.

It was during this “inspection” when the other suspect enters the house to steal items

In both Elmhurst incidences, the female suspect has "long brown hair, spoke Spanish and the car or SUV she leaves in is gray in color."

Elmhurst Police Department reminds all Illinois residents that if a city or state employee needs to gain access to a home, an appointment will be set up first. Always keep that in mind, before opening your home to stranger danger.



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