A Facebook friend of mine posted a picture while out shopping the other day, and I LOVED it! (I'm also a bit ashamed of myself that I have never seen this in person yet).

Big props to Vintage 815 in Belvidere, IL for finding an awesome way to remind us that our troops need our daily prayers and support. Just seeing this picture gave me the goosies. Sometimes we just need a powerful and simple reminder, ya know?

Amy Applequist Enna on Facebook
Amy Applequist Enna on Facebook

While checking out the Vintage 815 Facebook Page I came across something else cool they will be doing next month. Have you ever stepped into a vintage shop and then found yourself wondering and fantasizing about the past lives of the items within it? Did someone famous once own them? Did they ever witness something terrible or amazing? If you're like me, you will want to check this live feed out on October 6th...

OMG, I'm already freaked out about the things they may find!


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