I know most of us are itching for things to reopen in the Stateline, but we need to make safety our first priority, no matter how frustrating it is.

Months ago I had signed my children up for summer camps and activities, and now I'm facing the decision of, should I, will I, still send them? Honestly, I don't know the answer. My family has done a pretty good job quarantining ourselves, but how do I know the families of the other children they will be at these camps with have done the same? I hate to deprive my children of things that have been looking forward to all year because of my own fear, but isn't that a parents job right now? To keep our children safe no matter what? We have tried to be open with our girls about what is happening in the world right now without scaring the crap out of them, but at what point do we stop making sacrifices and have the courage to move forward into "normalcy" once again?

I do not envy the tough decisions local officials need to make in the coming weeks in regards to reopening our communities. Decisions that require keeping the safety of the whole in mind knowing full well people are beyond frustrated and will be doing a massive amount of complaining if the decision made is not one they agree with.

I'm assuming this is exactly why the Belvidere Park District is now asking what is most important to their community when it comes to planning how to to reopen their facilities.

In particular they want to know;

  • What is the most important consideration for you, your family to return to the Belvidere Park District facilities and programs?
  • What are you looking for as the Belvidere Park District re-opens its facilities and resumes programming?

The Belvidere Park District is asking people to send their replies to the above questions to survey2020@belviderepark.org by May 14, 2020 so they can continue their preparations.

If you have strong opinions about how our communities should begin reopening, here's your chance to voice them. Take advantage of it.

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