Have you ever wanted to get your attention to people but had no idea how to do it? A Belvidere man has the perfect solution. 

WIFR TV had a story about a Belvidere man named Richard Messling who decided to take matters into his own hand. For years he would have people speed past his house which has a steep hill on Shaw Rd. The sign reads "Slow The Hell Down, Please".

The speed limit is 45 mph and people are abiding by that. I especially like the way "Please" is on the sign. That would certainly get my attention. There is a story about that.

"I thought as long as I put please on the bottom of it and I didn't even want to put please on it, I wanted to just put slow the hell down but my wife and the neighbor lady wouldn't let me do it,” says Messling."

Since the sign is in his yard, there is nothing wrong or illegal with it. As long as he has it placed in his yard and not the county property, the sign will stay. In fact, he is planning on putting another sign in the opposite direction.

Way to go Richard. You took matter into your own hands and people are listening.

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