These poor kids and this dumpster fire of a year. Last Halloween they had to trick-or-treat in the snow, now some will be lucky to do some type of it at all.

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The City of Beloit has made the decision to not schedule trick-or-treat times this year, and that is to include Halloween events downtown.

Announcing on Tuesday:

The City of Beloit, after careful consideration and review of the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, will not schedule Trick or Treat hours for 2020

This will also extend to the events that the Downtown Beloit Association would normally hold.

I understand the need to be cautious, but I don't see how some sort of Halloween comprises can not be made. Something similar to the Trunk-or-Treat's you see held in parking lots.

Here's hoping we'll find a better solution here in Forest City, seeing as though Stroll on State 2020 is still a go.

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