We all know we need to be cautious about who we let into our homes, but thieves are clever, and are usually able to find a way.

According to the City of Beloit Police Department, one of the latest scams to invade the Stateline area involves a ruse where one suspect dressed as a utility worker approaches the door to distract the homeowner while a couple other suspects steal your stuff. This video from Beloit Police will give you a better idea of what you need to watch out for...



The incident in the above video is not a single instance. Beloit Police say other similar reports have been made, and they are not limited to the Beloit, Wisconsin area.

Beloit Police Captain Daniel Molland recently told WIFR that if an unannounced utility worker comes to your home, call police, or the company the worker is claiming to be from, immediately.

Nicor Gas Regional Manager of Community Affairs Aaron Miller recently told WIFR that all homeowners are notified ahead of time if a worker needs to enter their home and that they will be dressed in a specific way;

“All of their shirts, outerwear, hard hats, all logos of Nicor Gas and says Nicor Gas,” Miller said.

Employees also carry an identification card and when setting up your appointment you can receive texts.

“That will identify who is coming to their house with a picture of that employee.”

If you know a worker will need to enter your home for an appointment, the best thing to do is lock up/hide your valuables in a unique spot within your home...just in case.


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