Ideally, we should be saving a lot of money during this COVID-19 quarantine. We can't go anywhere, so we're saving money on gas. We cant go to the movies or a night out at the bar, so we're not spending our "fun" money. I, however, seem to have an online shopping problem currently.  I'm sure the Amazon Prime drivers are super sick of seeing my front porch and 'Welcome Spring' sign, but I sure do appreciate them!

I bring this up because I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person buying a lot of stuff online right now, and porch pirates know it too. On Thursday a Rockford resident shared some photos with 815 Stateline Scanner to warn people about a package thief on the loose in a neighborhood near Meijer on Perryville Road, and I'm assuming they'll be branching out their thievery locations soon.

If you're home all day and expecting packages, keep a close eye on your doorstep. Sounds like these thieves are acting fast and following delivery drivers.

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