Scammers are no dummies. They know people are spending way more time online right now, and that shopping is a big part of it. They also know that people have a lot to worry about during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that we are more liable to "fall" for impulse purchases, so they are cashing in on it.

The Better Business Bureau is warning people that social media coupon scams are on the rise currently, and I know for a fact I have seen several of the scams they are warning about come across my Facebook timeline lately.

According to the BBB;

Father’s Day, graduations and weddings are upon us, so it is not surprising to see more coupons for extreme deals at major retailers. However, scammers are offering fake retail coupons to steal your identity and/or download malware.

The BBB says fake coupons for stores like Aldi, Bath & Body Works, Costco, Starbucks and Trader Joe's are the most common offenders, and usually include offers for $100+ in free merchandise if you share the post on social media....DON'T DO THAT!

The BBB has offered some tips to help you identify fake social media coupons that include:

  • Verify the source: check the company's website to see if the same offer is listed there. If it isn't, it's likely a fake.
  • Look for an expiration date: Most legit coupons have expiration dates, if the one you see online does not, it is most likely bogus.
  • Do a web search: Hit up Google and search for the company's name with "scam" after it.
  • Don't share personal information: If the offer asks you to input any private information to receive the deal, it's a huge red flag. Legit businesses will never ask for credit card or bank numbers in exchange for savings.

To learn more about phishing scams and how to avoid them, check out the Better Business Bureau's website, here.

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