In honor of M&M's 75th birthday they're going to be doing something different with their hard coated chocolate candies.

Be on the lookout for new kinds of M&M's.

WGN reports that addictive candies you just can't have just one of will be putting out "new flavors, colors, textures and fillings" in their 75 year old candies in honor of reaching a mile stone birthday.

Oh how fun. I wonder what those will be? I love the coconut filled M&M's. I can't wait to see what kinds of combinations they come up with for their chocolate candies.

I'm really curious about the new textures. What does that mean. Will the coating not be smooth like we know them to be? Of does that mean the fillings will be different textures? Hmm???

The company will begin their special year by selling them in a "Retro" packaging starting this month.

To learn more about the new changes to M&M's click here.



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