If you want to learn more about the history of your favorite tasty beverage, I highly suggest checking out this Wisconsin museum exhibit.

Wisconsin Loves Its Beer

Over the years, I have realized that our neighbors to the north love their beer. There are several factors involved that helped me come up with this observation. There is a number of breweries in the state, most popular activities center around drinking and the amount of driving under the influence offenses per resident. It would only make sense for there to be a place to learn about the history of beer.

This Is Wisconsin Learning At Its Finest

Imagine if Wisconsin schools offer a class on the history of beer in Wisconsin. I believe everyone in the state would get an "A." Of course, there would never be that type of class for students. They will just have to go with the next best thing. It's an exhibit featuring the history of Wisconsin beer at a popular museum. Think about that field trip.

Back By Popular Demand The History Of Wisconsin Beer

The thing that I think is so funny, someone actually thought a beer display in Wisconsin should only be temporary. Well, the people have spoken and it's back as a permanent exhibit. By popular demand, learning about brewski has returned to the Milwaukee Historical Society.

Brew City: The Story Of Milwaukee Beer

According to brewcitymilwaukee.com, 

Detailing the history of brewing in Milwaukee County, the exhibit explores the local culture of beer and its evolution over time. Featuring artifacts, photographs, documents, audio, and visual media from the extensive MCHS Brewery Collection visitors will get to experience why Milwaukee truly is Brew City.

For more info, HERE.

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