With Halloween happening on the weekend, the temptation for your kids to just devour their whole bucket of candy is very real.

How do you avoid the sugar crash with your kids?

WREX asked Swedish American Hospital Dietitian, Shirley Poole, what can a do to avoid the sugar crash and overindulgence.

She says parents should set a limits on how much candy they're allowed every day. Determine how many pieces they can eat a day.

Also she said one big help to avoiding that sugar crash, is to make sure your child has a full stomach before trick or treating. The temptation to eat light or barely anything in the excitement causes kids to want to dig into the candy right away after collecting their stash. Which will really send then into a sugar buzz.

"Make sure they have some fruits vegetables, skim milk and then something like a peanut butter sandwich turkey sandwich so that they're really full before they go out trick or treating and they wont eat as much candy."

Also, if you yourself are afraid you will overindulge in the candy this weekend, whether it's from helping yourself to your kids buckets or from the treats your handing out, here is a link for Nine Tips to Avoid Overeating Halloween Candy.