Besides handing us more than our fair share of bad news, I fear 2020 has turned me into a bit of a pessimist. Here's a prime example of my new found pessimism...

I read a headline today on that immediately had me thinking..."great, here we go again."

The headline reads; "Rockford Public Schools Receive Grants for E-Learning Equipment".

Am I reading too much into it, or does that sounds like preparation for another complete shutdown of in-person learning?

Yes, our COVID-19 positivity rate is up to 8% in Region 1, and health officials have said that would be the number where schools could close down again, but as of yet that has not it coming?

WIFR's article says;

Senator Steve Stadleman announced Rockford Public Schools and the Harlem School District would be receiving more than $1.9 million in funding to provide additional resources for struggling students. The money comes from the digital equity formula grants.

Schools can either use the money to improve connectivity or provide more students with computers and tablets.

Any parent who sent their children for in-person learning, and any teacher who is doing in-person classes have been preparing themselves for a switch to full remote-learning at some point this school year, but I was hopeful it wouldn't come to that again.

I'm still hoping that is not what this "grant" is preparation for, but I can't help but feel all signs are pointing to "yes" right now. What do you think?

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