Boom, my dreams have finally come true.

Applebee's introduced their $1 drinks deals a few months ago and they've finally got to my favorite 'crappy bar' drink. Vodka lemonades.

Wine is my favorite alcoholic drink of choice.

Followed closely by margaritas.

But, those are drink that you sip and enjoy, that you don't order when you're going out to a bar.

Now, when you really wanna go from 'drink to drunk,' there's one answer for me at least, vodka and lemonade.

And when you're paying just a few bucks for a drink, you're probably after one goal... getting lit with your friends.


The difference this time around is that the drink will cost $2 instead of $1. Why? Because they're using premium alcohol (Absolut) in the two buck deals.

Which is probably good, because those vodka lemonades go down pretty quickly, and paying an extra dollar for name brand liquor should decrease that hangover just a bit.

So who's free next Friday night?

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