It's grilling season!

Even though we do it every year, sometimes we forget just exactly how to make your meal taste just right. Sure you can toss some burgers or hot dogs on the grill and wing it just fine, but if you're going to get fancy, you probably turn to Google.

It's okay, so does everyone else apparently. These past 30 days we've been Googling a lot of grilling questions. So what was Illinois wondering how to grill? According to TheDailyMeal -

Illinois: How to grill lobster tails

TDM details -

Like residents of many other states, Illinois residents also want to know how to grill lobster tails. After following the aforementioned techniques, wash the shellfish down with some of these incredible mocktail recipes.

Wisconsin's was pretty basic, they just wanted to know how to grill chicken.

Now I'm craving lobster that I'll have to Google to know how to grill.


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