If you were to guess how many beers it takes the average Illinoisan to feel drunk, what would be your guess? I bet it's not as low as this new study reveals.

Alcohol.org did a study on beer tolerance across the United States. It's totally surprising how little it takes to feel drunk. I don't recall someone saying, "Hey, I'm starting to feel drunk" but now I can start to guess based on how many basic beers they consume.

If you plan to enjoy a beer (or a few), you should be aware of how it affects you, specifically, so you know where to set a limit. With this in mind, we wanted to learn more about how tolerance levels vary across the nation. Read on for all of our survey findings, which are broken down by U.S. state.

On average it takes three or four beers to feel drunk. The top five states that can handle the most beer are Arizona, Michigan, Maine, Wisconsin, and Missouri. It's not surprising Wisconsin is near the top because... it's Wisconsin. And, although Illinois didn't hit the top 10, it did make it into the top 20. Illinois is at about the 15th spot, at 3.63 beers. That's right, less than four beers to start feeling drunk. Anyone else spending way too much money on unnecessary beers? Asking for a friend.


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