The battle of what to put on your hot dog will go on forever, this week's commentary comes from Cubs front man, Anthony Rizzo.

Yesterday was National Hot Dog day and so of course the, 'do you put ketchup on your hot dog?' debate came back to haunt everyone.

Things got even bigger this year because Heinz introduced a 'Chicago Dog Sauce' across the city to basically trick people into putting ketchup on their hot dogs.

One Chicago celeb, Anthony Rizzo, must've been required to tweet about the sauce... since he used #ad... but isn't supporting it as a 'dog sauce.'

Let's face it.

Chicagoans who don't put ketchup on their dogs probably never will. BUT, I like ketchup on hot dogs... and chicken... and salad... and tomatoes.

I could drink ketchup. Sorry, not sorry.

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