It's not the CherryVale Mall location, either.

Remember back in the day when people jokingly said Rockford was only bars, strip malls, and used car lots? Well, add furniture stores to the list because yet another one just popped up. It's not at the CherryVale Mall location, either. Rockford must need more furniture?

I guess I did not realize the need for lots of furniture store options in the forest city, but there must be a demand. Rockford is about to get another option because the former Choice Furniture in Heartland Church's parking is being revived. Which seems weird because Choice Furniture went from that spot to Perryville & E. State, to CherryVale Mall before closing its door. So does Rockford really need another furniture store? Apparently so. Say hello to My Home: Furniture - Sleep Center - Accessories.

Another Furniture Store Is Moving Into Choice Furniture Spot
Townsquare Media

As far as their opening date, hours, store info - there's nothing. At least, through my ever-growing journalist/detective skills, I've not found anything. There isn't even a sign on the front door with information. Facebook page? Nope. Google search? Inconclusive. Although the details remain a mystery, the sleek sign on the building might indicate a clean look on the inside. Oh, the windows are also covered from the inside... in case you didn't notice.

We'll likely catch wind of when this business will open and learn of the quality of furniture they'll offer. Hopefully, this place will last longer than its predecessors.

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