Video shows the scaffolding in tact, sorta, then everything comes raining down. Thank goodness no one was hurt from this.

What are the odds this would happen right when someone was walking by filming? Like the old saying goes, "if a tree falls in the woods, but no one is there, does it make a sound?" Fortunately for us we don't have to ask. The scaffolding fell and someone was there to see it, hear it, and film it!

Not sure what this will cost to fix but it won't be cheap that's for sure. The scaffolding must be repaired which will cost money. The schedule will be delayed which will cost money. If they work overtime to make up time, guess what, that will cost money as well.

The construction began, "After more than five years of delays, Gorman and Company Construction is tackling the large scale project.  It has been the topic of debate between city leaders and the community for years. The restoration will cost about $88 million to turn the building into a hotel and convention center, which will cost the City of Rockford $13 million dollars."

The bill just got a little bigger after yesterday's events.


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