If you received anything from Amazon, there is a way to give back and all it takes is using your Amazon box.

As you opened up your gifts this Christmas, some of those may have come from the online retail giant Amazon. Now, you can give back in an easy way.

There is a program called Give Back Box. It was started in 2012 by two people who ran an online store. The whole idea of the program is to donate items to people who need them by using unused boxes that are lying around.

Amazon has teamed up with Goodwill to make sure people in Rockford are taken care of. There are four easy steps to helping out.

1. Unpack your box of goodies from Amazon.

2. Go thru your house and find things that you don't use anymore. Take those items and then put them in the box.

3. Print out your label at givebackbox.com/amazon.

4. Take your package and mail it off.

The best part is the donations will stay here in the Rockford area. Those donations will then contribute to the mission of Goodwill.