Everyone I know is obsessed with Amazon Prime, myself included, so I find it a bit odd that the company would need to raise membership fees when it seems like the majority of the world subscribes to the service.

Apparently a world full of Amazon Prime members means higher maintenance fees, (aka, higher shipping costs), so a 20% price increase was imperative to keep the program running, (aka, profitable).

According to WGN, the annual membership fee for Amazon Prime will be going from $99 a year to $119, starting next month. WGN reports;


New Prime members in the U.S. will be charged the higher price starting May 11. The increase will apply to renewals of existing memberships starting on June 16.

If you're an annual Amazon Prime subscriber who feels a little burned that your rate is increasing too, maybe you can feel slight comfort in the fact that you are still saving money compared to monthly Prime subscribers who pay about $155 for 12 months of the service.

Either way, you own us, Amazon. Especially me. I cannot live without your Fire TV  or free shipping, and my kids can't live without the Barney videos on your streaming service. (Thanks so much for that, btw 😒)

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