Ever since news broke that operations will likely be suspended at Alpine Pool in 2020, my family has been bummed out. We went to Alpine Pool several times this past summer, and my kids LOVE it because it's less crowded than Magic Waters and far less intimidating for them to actually get in the water and swim. We were actually planning on getting season passes to Alpine Pool in 2020, so I really hope this Alpine Pool lifeguard's mission pays off.

According to WREX;

Emily Calgaro has worked at the pool for the last three summers making new friends and plenty of memories. It’s a time she calls “the most fun she has ever had.” Now, she wants to save the pool from the park district’s chopping block.

When she found out that the Rockford Park District was strongly considering suspending operations at Alpine Pool to make up for the 2020 budget shortfall, Emily Calgaro sent a letter to Board members stating all the reasons she believes they need to change their mind.

Emily Calgaro's concerns have caught the attention of the Rockford Park District, but the park district's executive director Jay Sandine told WREX;

we don’t want it to be closed, that’s why we keep using the word suspended,

It’s simple, we don’t have enough revenue at the park district to keep everything that we have going and swimming pools are very expensive to operate,”

Emily is not giving up hope for Alpine Pool's future just yet. She is urging other concerned citizens to reach out to RPD Board members before they take their final vote at their meeting coming up on Novermber 19th at 5 p.m.

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