It looks like Alec Mills is a pretty decent guy.

Last Sunday Alec Mills threw the 16th no-hitter in Cubs history. A few days later he was chatting with kids getting treatment at Advocate Children's Hospital.

Alec seemed to enjoy the visit himself.

There's no doubt that the work his teammate, Anthony Rizzo, does with children's hospitals (especially Advocate) in the area has rubbed off on others in the clubhouse.

It's always great when a great player turns out to be a great guy.

I would also like to address Alec's voice in the video.

Until he threw his no-hitter I don't think I had ever head him speak. I had only formed an idea of what he sounded like by what he looks like on the mound, which is this:

I'm not sure if it's the glasses or what, but a voice registering that low in the bass range was not what I was expecting.


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