Did you play along this past week and missed an answer to one of my Q98.5 Afternoon Mindbender questions? You can find all the answers for the past week’s trivia questions here.

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Monday's Question:  With Jay Cutler out with a hamstring, and Jimmy Clausen not cutting it, Bears fan are starting a campaign to sign this out of work QB

Answer: Tim Tebow

Winner: Doug from Cherry Valley

Tuesday's Question: This happens to 39% of children who attend summer camp. What is it?

Answer: They get Poison Ivy

Winner: Jonna from Loves Park

Wednesday's Question: Almost 1/2 of all adults say THIS is the hardest thing they have attempted to do.  What is it?

A: Stop swearing!

Winner: Michelle from Poplar Grove

Thursday’s Question:   8 in 10 adults have THIS at home but never use it.

Answer:  Home exercise/gym equipment

Winner: Chris from Machesney Park

Friday’s Question: Respondents in a new survey said women should stop wearing ______ at age 51. What is it?

Answer: High Heels

Winner: Anthony from Rockford