This weekend on my little family vacation I had some time to play games with my niece and nephews.

We played the game "Big Picture Apples to Apples."

The gist of this game is all players get seven picture cards. Each player takes a turn turning over a word card that all other players must put down a picture that's closest to the word. The player who has the best card wins that round and the word card. In order to win, you must collect 10 word cards.

The pictures are hilarious and it is challenging to find a picture to best describe the word.

I would certainly add that game to this list I found through Family Education of the 10 Best Classic Board Games.

How many of these games are your favorites?

1. Scrabble

2. Clue

3. Sorry

4. Chinese Checkers

5. Chutes and Ladders

6. Life

7. Chess

8. Monopoly

9. Twister

10. Candyland