Actor and comedian Kevin James is about to make his Rockford debut, where are you taking him for a slice of pizza?

Just an important... is there actually somewhere in Rockford where I can get just a 'slice?' I'm totally here for big triangular pizza slices.

Last week I was super lucky and had the chance to talk to the one and only Kevin James on Good Day Stateline.

He was so cool.

I know that's a lame word to use but he really truly was cool, and super nice, and made me feel like we were just buddies chatting at a party.

He also really made me want to go see him next Thursday at the Coronado, you can get tickets here if you also want to see him.

It was pizza week on Good Day Stateline, which we like to call 'GDS,' and that meant I had to ask him about what he thinks makes a perfect pizza.

He told me, hesitantly that he thought Chicago pizza was delicious but also wasn't pizza at all, that is was basically cake.

Clearly he needs to come to Rockford!

Yes we have a more than a few spots to get that 'cake-like' Chicago pizza, but we also have even more than more than a few pizza places with the perfect ratio of crust to toppings and I know he'll want to grab a few slices.

But where should he go? Where's your favorite pizza place in town?

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