While the suits and ties behind Jeopardy! continue their search for the show next's host (rest easy, Alex Trebek) special hosts will fill the show for the time being. A few of the names to fill the massive gap so far include Katie Couric, Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings, and Aaron Rodgers. Rod-gers won a celebrity edition of the popular game show in the past so the idea of him hosting a few episodes made sense on paper.

Unfortunately, the episodes with Rodgers as the host have been less than exciting. Granted, filling Trebek's role is no easy task, the only thing Joepardy! fans and football fans aren't talking about his less-than-exciting verbal skills. Everyone is talking about Aaron Rodgers being trolled by a contestant.

Even Packer-backers have to agree, that was a pretty good dig. If you're unfamiliar with why this question is relevant, here's a recap.

The field goal in question happened during Green Bay's loss to Tampa Bay in this year's playoffs. The Packers had the ball on the 8-yard-line on a 4th and goal situation and head coach Matt LaFleur decided to kick a field goal and hope to get the ball back instead of trusting his Hall of Fame quarterback to punch it in and tie up the ball game. (Joe Dredge, WROK-AM)

Let's set that punchline aside and highlight the real question about Rodgers' time on Jeopardy. No, it's not about how much money he was paid or anything about that, it's about his hairstyle.

Jeopardy! via YouTube
Jeopardy! via YouTube

It looks like a slicked-back side-part combination of some sort. Is he sticking with the "we're living in a pandemic" haircut or is this his new offseason 'do? Do you think his finance, Shailene Woodley, gave her blessing in this idea, or was it a "you do you, boo" scenario? If you ask me, Rodgers' time on Jeopardy! would have been much more entertaining if he would have hosted in full football uniform and contestants were required to do a touchdown dance at the end of every round they might have won. Just an idea for next time.


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