Once upon a time, there was a bank near Harrison Avenue and Alpine Road. Most recently, this now vacant building was home to a BMO Harris Bank location. It has sat empty for some time, seemingly ceasing operation overnight.

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For the past few weeks, a crew has been working on transforming this property into whatever is coming next. This, of course, has many wondering what is next for the former bank. At first, I wondered if it were something with a drive-thru. (Yes, it was a bank but you'll understand when you see the photos taken for this article. )

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Some of the far-fetched possibilities include a White Castle, a local coffee joint to compete with the nearby Starbucks, or maybe another slots place. All of which would be incorrect.

What's funny is the coincidence between this article and one published earlier this week. Rockford will be getting two new business which will provide the service but in their own unique ways.

Spoiler Alert: I think I know what will be filling in this space below.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

My guess about the drive-thru was way off. I wasn't even close, to be honest with you. However, a very credible source has confirmed what will replace the bank. And, a similar business will be popping up inside a former bar in Rockford, it will be a completely new thing for the area. Any guessing?

My sources tell me it will be a hookah lounge, though an opening date or info on who owns it was not disclosed. This is the second hookah lounge announced for Rockford this week, here was the first.

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