Last year COVID-19 threw a wrench in everyone's St. Patrick's Day celebration plans, this year is a little more open. Get ready for great food and green beer. Notice I didn't emphasize the green beer would be great? That's because, personally, my body doesn't like beer like it used to. But, when it comes to food, game on!

The Rockford area has a lot of great options when it comes to food, there's no debating. Where do you get corned beef and cabbage, though? (Note: notice the correct spelling; corned beef and cabbage. If a business spells it out. like "corn beef and cabbage" you may want to question if you really want to try it.)

I wanted to know where folks are going to satisfy their craving for corned beef and cabbage so I went to the place we all go for recommendations, Facebook. Here are five places people were quick to recommend.


Here a few notable places you will find corned beef and cabbage in and around Rockford

Some other honorable mentions include

  • Lucha Cantina's Corned Beef Tacos (Edgebrook)
  • Brewsky's (near Alpine and Newburg Road)
  • Mulligan's (N. Main Street)
  • Prairie Street Brewing Co. (near N. Madison St. on Prairie Street)
  • Murphy's Pub & Grill (E State and Walton St)

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