How far would you go to receive a discount on your groceries? As far as tattooing the stores logo on your body?

A Kentucky grocery store is offering a lifetime discount on your groceries if you do just that.

This no joke.

Rainbow Blossom Natural Food Market in Louisville, KY announced on their facebook page that they will give a 20% lifetime discount to any of it's customers who tattoo their stores logo on their body.

They do have a few rules about the tattoo and receiving this offer:

1. The tattoo must be visible and not in a 'private' area.

2. The tattoo must be at least one inch in size.

To see the logo visit their facebook page: Rainbow Blossom Natural Food Markets

Wow! That's an interesting concept in drumming up business.

You know, the stores logo isn't too bad looking for a tattoo either if you were going to get it.

Now, let me ask you this, would you do that?

What store do you love to grocery shop in? Do you love it enough get a tattoo of their logo just to receive a discount if they were offering that?

Think about  this... you'll be wearing the Schnucks, Meijer, Aldi, Valli, Wal-Mart,  Woodman's or fill in the (_Blank_ ) logo on your body for posterity. Would you still do it?

My thought is if you did it, you better not move from the area. Or that tattoo will be something you'll have to constantly explain.

Also, fore me, I shop at different stores for different things. I couldn't possibly settle for a tattoo at one store only. AND... I certainly wouldn't want a collage of logos on my skin. No thanks. Haha!