Here's what you need to do tomorrow. You need to get up, put on your favorite Chicago Blackhawks jersey, start your day, and then when lunch or dinner time rolls around you need to stroll into Chipotle like the proud hockey fan you are, and get ready to devour a delicious BOGO deal available for hockey fans only.

Have I lost you a little bit? Please allow me to explain. According to delish.comon Friday, February 21 only;

you can get a kid's meal or entrée free at Chipotle with the purchase of any kid's meal or entrée. You just have to be in a Chipotle wearing a hockey jersey. That means you can feed two kids for the price of one, two adults for the price of one, or one very hungry kid and one adult, for the price of one.

There are a couple things you should know before you jump on this deal tomorrow, though. First, you can only BOGO meals that are of equal or lesser value. Secondly, only ten free menu items are allowed per check, and thirdly, and this is the biggest bummer, this offer is not valid for online ordering.

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