Rockford's Fatherhood Encouragement Project does extraordinary things for this community. The sole purpose of this foundation is to " help dads from all walks of life. The mission is to help develop stronger leaders both in homes and communities. Stronger Fathers means we have stronger families which in turn creates stronger communities."

Pretty important stuff, right?

In 2017 the Fatherhood Encouragement Project adopted all 225 kids that were living in BlackHawk Housing, and this year it's the kids living at Fairgrounds Housing turn.

The Fatherhood Encouragement Project and the Rockford Police Department will be hosting a special party called 'Christmas With Superheroes' for the 250 plus kids living at Fairgrounds Housing on December 19th, and their goal is to provide $70 worth of presents to each kid attending the party.

This is where you and I come in...

To be able to accomplish this lofty goal, the Fatherhood Encouragement Project needs to raise $17,500 by December 11th. They are well on their way, but any amount of donation they receive will make a huge difference!

If you would like to make a monetary donation or drop off a check or Target gift card, go here for more information and a direct donation link.

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