What's the strangest thing you've ever caught fishing? No matter what you or someone you know might answer, it's probably not as crazy as this story out of Rockton, Illinois. This one involves the coroner's office.

Imagine your family enjoying time together while fishing when dad snags his line. You know he's hoping there's something he can brag about on the other end of the line but, in this case, it's not a fish or a stick. This is the case for Amber's boyfriend at J. Norman Jensen Forest Preserve in Rockton. Neither Amber, her boyfriend, or their son would have guessed it would be a bone, but it was. The bone was big enough to raise concerns and the question of whether or not it is a human bone. After the initial shock and confusion, Amber called the non-emergency police number to let authorities know what they'd discovered. It took a little bit for police to arrive which gave the family plenty of time to wonder what the heck had been caught.

A Family May Have Caught A Human Bone While Fishing in Rockton
Submitted Photo

The bone appears to be too large to be from an animal outside of it belonging to Bigfoot. If it were indeed a human bone are there more sitting at the bottom of that fishing hole? How long has it been there? The story is better told by Amber, have a listen.

We're dying to learn if this is indeed a human bone. In the meantime, if you've got a bizarre fishing story, share it with us.

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