Here's something you don't see every day, an actual deer inside Menards.

No, I'm not talking about a Christmas decor deer or decoys used for hunting. If that were the case this article would be even more pointless. But, this week, chaos broke out on a beautiful afternoon in Rockford inside Menards.

Deb Johnson, a local contractor, was waiting for her brother to exit the store when she spotted what she thought was an unleashed dog. She would quickly learn she was mistaken and it was actually a deer. Customers inside the store had no idea what the buck was about to happen.

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Deb described craziness inside the store and one customer's actions when he was trying to leave said store.

I had my window down... I did hear people screaming and a guy, I felt so bad for him, the doors open the deer went it when he was trying to walk out and had to jump back. It was like panic in the store.

Panic? Rightfully so! It was a freaking wild animal in aisle 7. Seriously though, Deb says the deer somehow made it all the way to the lumber department. (Obviously, it isn't aware of the cost of wood right now.) Perhaps the deer got a few bites of some plants and flowers while inside?

The best part of Deb recounting the story is how she described the scene as "blue shirts all over the place." (Menards employees wear blue shirts in case you've never been inside.)

Deb did tell us a local tv station asked about security footage from the unusual afternoon inside the store but the corporate office wouldn't allow the footage to be released. I hope they're saving it for some sort of upcoming marketing campaign. "Save a buck...or see one...only at Menards!"

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