Now that it's September I look forward to all those fun fall things like apple orchards and corn mazes. One corn maze south of Rockford is honoring the American farmer.

Jonamac Orchard in Malta designed their corn maze this year to honor and thank farmers and the Future Farmers of America (FFA) by thanking them for all they do. It's a maze that's built on 10 acres and has three miles of paths including two bridges to cross over.


How cool is that?! Being a country kid seeing recognition for the hard working men and woman of the dirt means a lot to me. Farmers are the unsung heroes in my opinion. We love what they produce, but sometimes we forget how and what they did to get us all those tasty foods we desire.

In all honesty though, I'm in awe of anyone who design mazes, let alone do it on such a large scale. 10 acres. Wow!

By the way, the orchard is ready for apple picking now and this past Saturday, September 3rd, they opened their corn maze and all their other fun fall activities for kids and the kids at heart. Click here to learn more about Jonamac Orchard.

Although the weather still feels like summer this week it's going to cool down and taking a fun stroll through this maze would perfect on sunny, crisp day.

Who's ready for a fun day trip to Malta?

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