Northern Illinois' most special day of the year is almost here, and there are some great deals and events you won't want to miss in 2023!

815 Day 2023

If you live in Rockford and don't know what 815 Day is all about, please move out of town immediately.

I'm just kidding of course, but seriously, you need to jump on the fun of celebrating Rockford, Illinois' prominent area code and have some FUN!

Rockford Day via Facebook
Rockford Day via Facebook


As a born and raised Rockfordian, I love all the hoopla that happens on 815 day. Too many people like to complain about this city, but I prefer to celebrate everything that makes it unique and fantastic, and that is what 815 day is all about!

3 Things You Won't Want to Miss On Rockford Day 2023?

The way I see it, there are 3 things you MUST add to your 815 Day to-do list in order to truly enjoy the day the right.

1. Take the family to the Rockford Day Picnic Party happening in Downtown right outside Rockford Art Deli. This event not only features live music, food, and fun, but it will have a bunch of great locally owned businesses on hand to meet, learn about, and support.

2. Rockford Art Deli's Live Print is always something to cool to see, and it will be taking place during the Picnic Party. Here's what 2023's cool design looks like...

3. Participate in the Rockford Day Kindness Project This is a new addition for 2023, and I think it's a great idea! Here's a good explanation of what it's all about;

 This citywide initiative is designed to encourage people to complete 815 Acts of Kindness throughout the community on August 15. There will be Kindness boards posted around the community with uplifting messages and inspiring ideas to get you started.


Rockford Day Shopping and Food

Every year more locally owned businesses join the 815 party, and truly, this special day is all about supporting them.

There is a massive list of amazing Rockford Day specials on the City of Rockford's website, but honestly, I think that list is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm willing to bet a LOT more businesses throughout the 815 are offering Rockford Day specials, so keep your eyes peeled for all the deals!

Restaurants and food trucks all around the Rockford area will also be offering delicious offers on Tuesday, August 15, so my advice is to check out all your fav restaurants' social media pages now to see what deal they're cooking up for you!

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