Move over unicorn drinks, politics, and list of bands, something else is taking over Facebook in Rockford. It's Chicago Bears' fans, and they aren't happy.

The morning after the first night of the 2017 NFL draft I woke up, checked my phone, and let out a disappointing sigh. If you're not familiar with the possibilities the Chicago Bears had in front of them let's just say it was like buying something off of Craigslist without actually seeing it. There's a ton of risk involved but only time will tell if there is a payoff.

Apparently I wasn't the only disappointed Bears' fan. A lot of people in Rockford aired their grievances on Facebook.

David knows what I'm talking about.

Please. Tell me more about how The Bears screwed up their draft picks.


Domonick may be an optimistic person but might also be a realist.

Whoa!!! Bears just added 10 more years of despair!!!


Stephen decided to take the funny route.

Hahahah the bears are the new browns! This is great 😂😂


And then there's this one, very timely.

I'm going to make a list of 10 great players the Bears could have taken with the #2 pick. One of them is a lie....


Joe is done with them.

The Bears are dead to me.


Fernando bids farewell to a winning season for 'Da Bears.'

RIP Chicago Bears!!!


Brett isn't the only fan ready to switch teams, though he's contemplating going to the dark side green and gold side.

The Bears doing Bearsy things almost makes me want to put a wedge of foam cheese on my head.


There's the seven best Facebook statuses I came across bu many Chicago Bears fans are wondering if there is a solution bring a change of Pace. Pete came up with the best solution I've seen so far.

Here's an idea, Theo Epstein takes care of drafting & trades for ALL Chicago teams from now on. Cubs, Bears, Hawks, Bulls & even the Sox all have to go thru Theo...


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